Mamatography/week 6: ‘going splash on daddy!’

Week 6 of our Mamatography challenge – photo a day for a year! We are not more than a tenth of the way in. Still a long way to go, obviously, but I feel like I am getting into a rhythm with it. However, what I am finding is that this (labour of love) is taking so much time and energy that it is kind of sucking the life out of my writing for the blog. Uh… ooops. So, I need to re-balance so that I am keeping up this amazing, challenging project which I LOVE and still have time to blog, too. Hey, peoples, I have stuff to say and it wants out. Just need to give it time to breathe its way onto paper!!

Without further ado, here is our week in photos:

day 33

Ta- daaa! On her third time out on her bike (previous two documented) she has got it. She is now off and running (almost literally) on her balance bike.

Because I don’t think I mentioned it last time the idea behind a balance bike is that learning how to pedal is the easy bit. A kid, given the motor skills, can learn how to do that very quickly. The hard bit (the bit we all remember struggling with) is balance, learning how to stay up-right while moving forward without training wheels or our feet on the ground. So… this bike essentially lets kids learn the hard part first – and over plenty of time. Then when they are confident finding their own balance (going ‘wheeee’ and coasting with feet off the floor) you can introduce them to a pedal bike and the transition is easy-as-pie, or so I am told. Kids I have known that have learned how to cycle on a balance bike did indeed learn how to use a pedal bike ridiculously early (3 years old) without ever having training wheels! So here we are, giving it a try and seeing how it works for us, too.

day 34

my toddler loves to scatter stuff as widely as possible.  Today: leaflets! She was even upset when I tried to tidy them, later. Does/did your kid like to scatter, at this age??

day 35

Saturday was daddy and daughter play day!!

day 36

one of Pipoca’s cute new toys that she really enjoys…

and then later that night:

our first puppet show! It was great fun. We all had a go.

day 37

day 38

paint-and-play-date with A’s best buddy E (regular guest star on this blog).

This was the set up at my lovely friend K’s house (and this is her photo – full credit to her):

… and on a different note:

the evolution of her puzzle making skills: remember last time it was one large rectangle but with no coherent picture inside? Well, now she is on to putting together chunks of the image (two pieces at a time): one cat in one section, a whole fish in another, that kind of thing. She is paying more attention to the actual picture, now, rather than just fitting pieces together into a rectangle :)

day 39

had to get the car fixed and then it had real issues so we left it there and took the train back home. Of course Pipoca thought it was the best day out EVER!

TRAIN is coming!!! Hoorah!


9 thoughts on “Mamatography/week 6: ‘going splash on daddy!’

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  2. Oh your photos this week are absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!! Just love the one of her with her dad, amazing! And the bike one. And… well, they’re just all lovely!
    I know what you mean about blogging – I have about 50 million posts stored up in my head, I just need about a full week with no interruptions to write them all out… yeah, not gonna happen :-P

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