Mamatography/week 7: piano virtuosi

The Mamatography Challenge continues…

day 40

metal. This is me (trying to) go all arty on your a*ses. Not my forte, these kind of ‘details’ of every day life type photos. I enjoy portrait photography (can you tell?) but wanted to branch out and try something different…

day 41

Anya and her friend Julian doing a duet :)

 So, Pipoca [her knickname – it means popcorn in Portuguese] was let loose on a friend’s piano. She was doing a special rendition of Baa-Baa-Black-Sheep. Basically she hit random keys and then sang the tune over it. Apparently her dad and her do that together (guitar + xylophone). Hahaha! (I loved the recital, of course!!)

day 42

slide back in time… to the 1970’s??

I love the look on her face, here, so wistful… This was actually taken at a birthday party but me and my (silly?) close up lens managed to make it look like we are at the park alone… (to be fair, that is partly ‘cos I don’t have permission to share photos of a bunch of kids, some of whom I have just met… lol)

day 43

this is the second time I went to the cinema since I become a mom, two years ago. Went to see ‘The Descendants’ with George Clooney. I liked it, a lot. It helps you feel into the characters’ (messed up) lives. It is intense and depressing in parts but strewn with some lovely light moments and full of a depth of emotion that makes you feel part of the family. I came out feeling it was a good choice…

day 44

oh, the earnestness – Pipoca ripping some nori, one of her favourite snacks :)

day 45

day 46

Green eggs and ham… get it? :D


5 thoughts on “Mamatography/week 7: piano virtuosi

  1. Lovely! That first one is totally arty and fantastic. Can’t tell what the second one is. And the others are lovely, too. Amy also plays notes somewhat at random while singing, often off-key, over it all. I can tell she is developing a sense of pitch, that she can sometimes tell when her pitch is not high or low enough, and she just isn’t yet always able to adjust, but sometimes she is able, and sometimes I can even recognize tunes when I hear her doing them even out of context.

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