Mamatography/week 8: crafts and climbing

Here is week 8 of the Mamatography a photo-a-day for a year project that you have being seeing so much of… so now: I am sorry. Sorry there haven’t been any ‘real’ posts lately. I have several queued up, in draft form that only need final touches to go live, so do watch this space and I’m gonna try and make something with more thought-provoking words than cute photos in it. For now, here is our week in photos:

day 47

day 48

threading beads – who knew that could be so fun?! (thanks Suzy!)

day 49

this was such a daddy-and-daughter weekend. They had soooo much fun doing crafts, playing shop, building lego swimming pools for the critters and going to the park. Woohoo!

all that closeness and connection through play, did lead to the emotional safety that allowed for some powerful emotional releases, too – and that in turn led to an ongoing stint of almost full night sleeps (6 hours). Yumm!

day 51

Pipoca announced she was afraid of bees (can you see it there in the foreground, on the bush – in the photo above?). NinjaDad said you could try saying ‘hi’ to them. She was not into that at all. So we didn’t push it. We walked away. A few minutes later she said: ‘I want to say hi to the bees’ – so off we went, back to the bush with the bees to say hi. And so she did.

this was a fabulous family day. We explored a new town, found a lovely restaurant, went for a lovely drive (while A. slept) and then ran by a park for A. to run around before sun down:

day 52

a peacock showing off for my daughter :p

… and then: mud puddle stompin’!


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