Mamatography/week 9: growing friendships

The Mamatography Adventure continues. Sorry this is so late. All got put on hold while I travelled to Europe with my little one to surprise my mom for her birthday. Sadly no photos of her ‘OMG face’ when she opened the door to us!… and in fact the photos here are of the week BEFORE we went. I have kept up taking a photo every day – it was just the uploading that got left behind!

So, here they all are:

Day 54

drinking one of her favourite drinks: coconut water :)

day 55

friends enjoying a picnic in the park :)



[If only I could get them to pose somewhere with a prettier/simpler background, this would have been an awesome shot!]

Later that day: 

asleep in the car while still reading a book!

day 56

[not the best photo I have ever taken, artistically or technically – along with many other so-so photos that pop up when I have to publish something every day, even when I really haven’t produced anything ‘good’ – but still a cute moment of a girl I love!]

day 57

horrible picture of me (well… just woken up) but cute moment, captured by my hubby (so, slight cheat, here). Moments later: I read by myself!

(also taken by NinjaDad, on his phone)

day 58

I have (finally) inherited my hubby’s old iPhone 3… so here I am experimenting with (oh, yes, the ubiquitous) instagram ap. I like it. It is fun and easy. My only pet complaint is how long it took me to learn how to do these kinds of effects on Photoshop (well, not the blur, that is just shoddy work), then this ap comes along and does it with one push of a button!! Coh!… On the other hand, hey, I can do it with one push of a button! :D

More experiments, little more artsy, now:

love this, must say!

who got mail?

day 59

yet more budding friendship:

Pipoca is really all about the social scene, right now. The thing she is most into, it seems to me is hanging out with her friends – and it seems to work best with other girls. The boys, so far, are more likely to run away or push her away if she attempts to start any play like passing a ball, taking turns with a toy or whatever. Girls (the two pictured in this week’s stream, anyway) were super receptive and even likely to initiate exchanges themselves. It appears to me, from this tiny sample (and next to no reading) that girls are much more into the social and imaginative play at this stage (around age 2). I am sure there are exceptions (girls who don’t want to play with others that much, yet, and boys who do) but this is really just reporting our experience of the last few weeks. Do you find this is the same among your toddler and their friends?

And just ‘cos going higher and higher is FUN!…

this is a variation on an earlier shot I took of her (a few weeks back). Neither has come out perfect, so watch this space, I might still attempt version 3, 4 and 5…  :D


8 thoughts on “Mamatography/week 9: growing friendships

  1. Beautiful photos! I especially love the depictions of Pipoca’s budding friendships. I know at least one or two of my weekly photos is sub-par, but I think that’s okay. Capturing a moment from each day is enough even if they’re not all art, right? I hope so, anyway!

    On friendships and toddler social interaction, Annabelle’s interactions with boys and girls seems to be more or less exactly the same, though I haven’t really watched with an eye for differences. Of course she’s a bit younger, too, and doesn’t sound like she’s interacting quite as much as your P is yet either. I won’t be surprised if I notice more differentiation as they get older. Interesting!

    • Hi, thank you for your comment. Something went on that I didn’t see these comments until now. Sorry!!

      Well, I guess I am interested in this kind of stuff. I studied Child Development as part of my undergrad (a million years ago) and I was very interested in the nature vs nurture arguments around ‘genderisation’. I keep watching to see what emerges. I definitely think both genders have ALL in them, so to speak, but individuals tend to favour some kinds of play over others and, yes, by and large, they divide (roughly) along gender lines. But our culture takes hold of this and magnifies it times 100.000.000x, right? with gendered clothes, toys, classes, colours, etc. etc. We are all the time giving them the ‘message’ that boys are different from girls… how could they not pick up on it? Anyway, digressing. Will keep peeled to your blog to see how Annabelles’ friendships flourish!! <3

      Thanks for visiting,

    • hey beautiful, catching up on some long neglected comments (sorry about that). Umm… I can blur it but not sure it will ever be enough as those strong colours will still drag attention from the girls. It is okay. I’ll just have to re-shoot sometime :D

  2. Beautiful photos! You really do have a very good eye! Do remember to join the link up on my blog, so I remember to come see your gorgeous pictures!

    • Yeah, been a bit out of it, with travel this week. Very behind on uploading… but think I did link up in the end, didn’t I? (Just a few days late). Thanks again for all you do. Can’t wait for new baby photos (hmm… have you ‘popped’ yet?). Will go stalk you :p

  3. As you can see I am playing catch up today – I am weeks, weeks, weeks behind. :)

    I found while vacationing in Texas that Riley plays rather well with both boys and girls. I say while vacationing because all of my friends from my home state have children/grand-children for him to play with – while none of our friends here do. I suppose this is the only downfall I have found with having a toddler in my forties – all of my friends children are grown and that leaves my Little Man with mostly structured play in his classes, or playing with us old folks. Back to playing with the kids – he really seemed to thrive and I found it did not matter to him so much if the other child was a boy or a girl. He really just enjoyed them both. :)

  4. Hi KLynn… for some reason I never saw this comment until today!!! Sorry (talk about playing catch up).

    Great that Riley had some toddlers to hang out with on vacation. Fab! And yeah, don’t get me wrong, Nica plays with boys, too. Most of her friends in fact are boys, including one of her closest friends (if we can call them that, yet) E… I guess I just notice the *quality* of play is different between two girls. Girls, it seems to me (at least the ones in our lives), are more into extended imaginary play. They are more likely to hold hands and direct each other as to what the ‘game’ should be. With boys it seems mostly (at age 2) about physical prowess, throwing the ball, running, climbing, etc. All good fun and certainly important for Nica. I LOVE that she hangs out with boys and get stretched in these areas, too… but it just seems they are less likely to slow down and smell the roses with her – they are too busy crashing cars or bending sticks.

    Hmmm… not sure if I am explaining this well. I guess I was just happy to see a new type of play emerge in her repertoire when I started making an effort to ensure she had some good girl friends, too, and not ALL male friends. We LOVE both :)

    Thanks for commenting and sorry I didn’t see it till now. bad blogger (*hangs head in shame*). Hugs,

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