Mamatography/week 11: travels in Portugal

Okay, this is week 11 (week 11, folks!!) of our photo-a-day for a year challenge we are playfully calling Mamatography. This week was a week of visiting old haunts and old friends across Portugal, my home-land.

I am about two weeks behind on uploads, alas – but as you can see, I have been keeping the snapping up.

day 68:

just me and Pipoca on our own in Belem, near Lisbon. I used to hang out there a lot, as a teenager. We took the tram there (which she looooooooves!) and then wondered round and chilled. It was a fun, relaxing day. Alas, because I was carrying her (in backpack) plus my bag I didn’t take the ‘good’ camera, so this is all point-and-shoot action:

while we were checking out the big fountain near the monastery, a huge group of students approached with megaphones. At first I assumed it was some kind of protest… then it transpired it was a mass hazing event:

they lined the new students up by the side of the fountain (while it was, mercifully, off) and what was coming next slowly becomes obvious!…

oh, yeah, baby! The older students ‘forced’ the new intake to jump in. This kind of (sometimes even aggressive) hazing is famous in Portugal. First year students know it is coming. I always dreaded it (and then avoided it all together by going to study in the UK instead) but I must say this event here was all done in a super jovial atmosphere with much giggling, singing and photo-taking (by the proud and smiling ‘hazees’). They really did all seem to be bonding and having fun!

day 69:

Road Trip: wooohooo! Grammy drives the wagon across the country:

Vo-vo sleeps in the car:

Mommy tries to look cool with Vo-vo’s oversized fashion glasses.

baby takes a nap, too :)

day 70:

Spring, lovely time to be in Portugal. We had arrived at our destination, here, Castelo de Vide, in time to see the almond trees in full bloom.

Grammy and Vo-vo stroll into town for a coffee and a swing.

Grammy gives Pipoca a piggy back ride to the kiddy park:

and walking through Castelo de Vide:

[oh, this photo had so much potential… if only I could have come back at another time of the day AND if only my toddler would pose as I want her to AND… well you get the picture… :p]

day 71:

on to another destination, to spend a few days with some dear, lovely old friends (who declined to be made famous through exposure on this blog), but here is baby stylin’ in the car on the way over…

and then our friends took us for a picnic near this 7000+ year old stone circle in Alentejo, Portugal. I LOVE this stuff and literally talk to the stones… not so crazy, right? But here is the thing: I swear the stones talk back :)

day 72:

Pipoca playing at V’s house. This is the first time she ever asked me to take a photo of her, she said, ‘take a shot of this, mama’ (well… in Portuguese :)

day 73:

cute photo and… notice the ancient city walls in the background :)

One of the things that shocked me in Portugal was seeing little toddlers running around with sugary biscuits in their hands. I am used to being surrounded by hyper-health conscious, super-nutrition-educated California moms who often don’t give their kids sugar at all… much less by routine, everyday in the playground. Kind of weird to this ex-pat.

Nica was VERY happy with her apple :)

day 74:

ugh… and we were off on another adventure this time to another dear friend’s house. But I was only there for an afternoon and we were having so much fun catching up and letting our two littles hang out that I didn’t get much time to shoot. Bellow is a photo-fail of me trying to grab a shot of her jumping on the trampoline. You’ll have to auto-fill-in and imagine the action and giggles for yourself!

— — —

P.S. as you may have noticed, travelling to Europe has meant that I am, essentially, two weeks behind on posting!!! I am trying to catch up plus I have several (word) posts in the final stages of editing. Man I need more time… or a nanny!  :)


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10 thoughts on “Mamatography/week 11: travels in Portugal

  1. Lovely pics again – no need for the “get out clause” at the beginning:)

    That pic of your mum driving the car made me think all those years back to that road trip through Portugal… is Castelo De Vide one of the towns we visited ? It looks faintly familiar?
    Ha ha, you’re always one step ahead of me – I’m just getting to the point of thinking its not so crazy to talk to stones… :):)

    • Ah, okay the stone circle is at least 7,000 years old!! (Em ingles para o meu ‘publico’ – lol!!). Pensei que estava a citar o Carlos. Lembrava-me de ele dizer 5,000 (Confucius time) mas pelos vistos esqueci-me. Tenho outras fotos giras do Edgar, sozinho. Nao tenho nenhuma boa deles juntos… mas viste aquela de ti a amamentar (no flickr – so tu, a minha mae e o Kai e’ que conseguem ver). ADORO!!!

      Beijos, amiga,

  2. The pictures of the stones are truly beautiful! And I love your photo-fail, that pic is full of energy, and I love her cute stockings and socks. I can totally relate on needing more time, I have a lady watching Jesse for an hour a day, at my home, so a baby-sitter really, and its incredibly the difference it has made to my productivity! ;)

  3. What a wonderful sharing! Thank you so much for letting us tag along as you ventured to your old haunts. You really were able to pick up some amazing shots while visiting Portugal – makes me want to visit there myself.

    • Yay! I wasn’t super happy with all the shots, myself, but I was trying to shoe in some of the less-technically-perfect-but-showcasing-Portugal shots for just that reason, even if they aren’t great photos, they do show off how wonderful and beautiful my home country is! Glad you liked it. Thanks for visiting with us!

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