Mamatography/week 12: back in the USA (rainbows, blossoms and Bobby)

This is me still catching up on uploading all my photos from the fabulous, fun Mamatography Project. This is from the last week in March – our first week back from Portugal.

Day 82

Rainbow as seen from friend’s house – a full arch! (needed a different lens to capture it in its full glory). Nica was suprisingly non-plussed by it all… I thought it was AWESOME!

day 83

Straight back from Portugal and I decided it was time for an upgrade to Nica’s toys (yes, me, the ‘fewer toys is better‘ lady – I didn’t say ‘no toys’, right? ;) In particular I really wanted to get her a cloth doll because she has a fair few soft toys (like her monkey, pictured – still one of her faves) but no humanoid dolls she can dress, etc. She went through a phase of being really into changing monkey and bear’s diapers so I thought maybe she was ready for some more sophisticated doll play. I am very into the Steiner thing of having a doll with no/neutral expression so your child can project their emotions onto them (happy/sad/angry/etc) and role-play situations from their life with them. I have been dreaming of buying a real, beautiful, hand-made Waldorf doll via Etsy (like this one). Being one-of-a-kind and hand-made, they are naturally quite pricey, though (starting at around $130) and I had this nagging doubt about whether Nica was ready/would really want one, herself (not just another one of my crunchy grown-up ideas, like the balance bike LOL). So, then, after my 21hour trip back from Portugal, in a moment of impulse I decided to buy a ready-made cloth doll from Pottery Barn (what?! yeah, I said it my dear hippy friends, I went there, to corporate middle America!). But looks she is quite cute:

She does have a (feint) smile so she doesn’t really qualify as a true Waldorf doll but she is lovely soft, touch-me cloth, very sweet and more importantly cost me $20 rather than $200 (she was on sale). Nica maned her Bobby (surprisingly name-like for a title bestowed by a toddler. No idea where it came from!).

And, sadly, truth is she HASN’T played with her that much, at all. So, actually I am glad I didn’t go ahead and spend lots of money on a doll which I think is beautiful but which goes completely unused. Later, when she is ready, if she wants one we can revisit this dream and support a WAHM (work-at-home-mom :)

Anyway, that first photo for today is Nica at the mall before buying Bobby. The monkey is actually in her dolly-ergo but you can’t tell there.

day 85

playing with daddy!

Day 86

Spring is here.

Nica got sick with a grastro-intestinal bug of some kind. So we were under house-arrest for a week. It did actually get a bit scary as she got quite dehydrated :(  She couldn’t keep anything (food or drink) down for much of the time and when she did start eating we kept it super-simple with a BRAT diet. So, on the plus side she got to eat bananas. This is actually the first time Nica has eaten a whole banana, skin-on (‘like a monkey’)! We don’t give her bananas very much, normally, as they are known to be very acid forming and hence to aggravate eczema. But of course she loves them so it was a nice upside to eat lots of wheat and bananas and the like this week – of course her skin got much worse the week after, though :( but hey: BANANAS!

‘Expeliamus’! A silly game Nica and NinjaDad play with this pointer wand thingey…

[taken by NinjaDad]

day 87

NinjaDad’s magical music making machine :)

And having to stay indoors all week means not only lots of photos of random objects (as above) but also a push to be creative and do fun things indoors… like painting. Poor thing she was so weak at this point that she didn’t really get into it how she normally would (half that masterpiece is mine LOL) but still it was a distraction.


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One thought on “Mamatography/week 12: back in the USA (rainbows, blossoms and Bobby)

  1. That’s quite a nice doll. When Amy was — two? three? we got a $40 handmade Waldorf doll, and I thought *that* was a hefty price — they are amazing dolls, and I don’t begrudge the artisans who make them — and yet, a little inner voice thinks that all kids should have access to these kinds of excellent toys. Well, and then, within weeks if I remember right, a box of discarded dolls and animals arrived from my brother, and Amy totally latched onto a rag doll with an unsimple painted face and looped yarn hair that she’s pulled loose in many places, and it’s STILL her favorite doll and sleeps with her all the time. The Waldorf doll is mostly neglected. Someday, maybe, we’ll make one together…

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