Mamatography week 15: I am not Nica, I am Old MacDonald

Week 14 (of my 366 project: photo-a-day for a year) started uninspired but picks up half way through  :)

You can tell which photos were taken with my ‘new to me’ iPhone3 versus the ones with my nice Nikon D90.

Day 102

day 103

Nica lined up a bunch of my flower essences:

day 104

JJ and an animal ‘train’

day 105

I found a four leaf clover!!! Never in my life have I found one and this day, by pure coincidence, I just happened to have one leap out of me, from a big clump of grass and clover. There weren’t any others that I could see. The photos are taken by NinjaDad with my direction. The editing and colour studies are by me:

I like this second one so much I may make it my new ‘banner’ at least for facebook and perhaps for here on the blog, too.

day 106

[by NinjaDad… don’t ask]

day 107

Playing with Lynne

day 108

Okay, so one day Nica decided she was no longer Nica but, in fact, Old MacDonald. She will come into the living room, look around and say, ‘My farm is messy. I need to clean up all the poop’. And that was it, for two weeks solid every time anybody called her by her name she would politely but firmly correct them and say, ‘no, I am Old MacDonald!’

So, like a good, responsive, unschooling-leaning mom, I promptly arranged a play-date at the local open farm. Here we are with our friends:


But, one thing backfired, slightly. When we were at the farm, after seeing some nice pigs, turkeys, lambs, goats, horses, etc. Nica asks to see Old MacDonald (for once not referring to herself). When I explained that this was a farm but not the farm that belongs to Old Mac, she (literally) burst into tears. I had never seen that. It appeared to be a new kind of crying – or at least a new reason… Anyway, she really thought we were coming to Old MacDonald’s farm (which, incidentally, I had never promised her or even alluded to, I had just said we were going to a farm). So sad… so we went off to look for some other farmers. I explained I Old Mac works somewhere else, on his own farm (yes, we are preserving the ‘magic’) but there are other farmers working on this farm. Thankfully we found some very nice working farmers, ploughing the land, on this beautiful red tractor – which she was then fascinated with, too.

Animals or no animals, water play is always a winner!


Are you up for a challenge? One that will take something from you every day, but give a whole lot back too? How about joining me for the photography challenge in 2012 then? A photo a day of whatever your day involved. You can jump in any time through the year!

If you’d still like to join us, you can start at any time, just sign up here and our host will email you further information.

Without further ado, here is the current list of all participants for Mamatography 2012 so far!


2 thoughts on “Mamatography week 15: I am not Nica, I am Old MacDonald

    • Aww, thank you. Yeah, I am about two or three weeks behind in uploading so I can tell you (as a sneak preview) that she remained Old MacDonald for two weeks when she then decided she was no longer Old MacDonald but Andy Z (kids’ singer) – whom she is still ‘chanelling’ today. Hahahaha! Yeah, the farm is fab, definitely one of my favourite places around here (don’t think we have as easy access to nature as where you are, alas…). Hugs and thanks,

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