New look

Check out my blog’s new banner and twist on the name. What do you think – an improvement? :)

Also, if you haven’t yet, come join our community on facebook for a lot more inspiration, exchange and community support:

Loving thanks for staying with us, reading, commenting and generally being an awesome like-spirited community,



5 thoughts on “New look

    • Thanks. I like it here a lot, too… looks a bit funny on facebook, for some reason, though – maybe because it has the other photo inset…? Sweet of you to comment. I am grateful. Cheers!

      • I like it on facebook, too, but it’s definitely hard to find a cover photo and a profile photo that work well together in that configuration!

    • Aww, thanks. I thought it spoke to what I am doing a little more than the previous one. I mean, the last one I prefer as an image (a beautiful photo of my sleeping baby – how could a mama not LOVE that?) but I wanted something that didn’t just say ‘baby’ but parenting, the relationship between the two, had some cuteness AND a bit of nature, so this is a bit closer, at least. And I like it, even if it is not ‘perfect’. So thanks for your vote of confidence, too! :)

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