Mamatography/week 20: Spaghetti!!!

A photo-a-day for a year… for a year?! really…? what was I thinking. I LOVE this project and yet it gets harder and harder. It is also quite an isolating activity in that I don’t personally know anyone doing a 365, I don’t have time to interact on flickr (which is lots of fun – but I just can’t fit it in as well as occasional blogging, fb page administrating, photography and, oh, yeah, full time parenting! So, I spend all week working over photos that, when posted, nobody (other than me really cares about). Yes, get out the violins…

In fact, I am at that point where even my family and my hubby don’t really come and look at the photos – at least not with the same excitement and enthusiasm that they once did. Perhaps that is because I have ‘photographed it all’ by now. I have shown every side of Nica. Maybe now is the time I really have to dig deeper, learn some new skills and/or really get creative. Suprise people. Come up with something new and unexpected. Easier said than done with my current energy and time flow. Anyway, just needed to vent, so there you have it.

Here are my photos from mid-May (yep I am now officially a MONTH behind in processing photos, too). Boohoo me.

Still, I like these and hope you will, too:

day 138

day 139

day 140

day 141

NinjaDad had a kung fu competition. Allow me to brag for a moment when I say he won all three of the events he entered :)
Nica inspired, wanted to try his helmet and gloves on (over her Andy Z clothes, of course):

this on the day of the eclipse. This was our abysmal eclipse-photo-fail:

day 142

day 143

day 144

no photo :(

day 145


4 thoughts on “Mamatography/week 20: Spaghetti!!!

  1. Hello Gauri – even if it was true that no one else cared about your photos other than you (and it isn’t), who is more important than you, to you? Your love to yourself comes through the commitment you’ve made here, its inspiring to see so much self-commitment. And I for one also love your photos. Its one of those things which, if wasn’t there, would be missed … a bit like motherhood itself…

  2. I really, truly love your photos, Gauri. I know I have some learning and digging to do to move on from the pure chance that gets me the really good shots I do capture, and I can relate to just not having the time to do that. For now I just think of it as photojournalism, and the challenge is more to document what A is up than to push my skills. Ah, but I would love to push my skills! Anyway, my point is getting lost, but I think your work is beautiful already, and I love the way you’re documenting life with Nica.

    …and congrats to NinjaDad! Impressive!

    • Thanks on all counts. Yes, I know what you mean. It is all pure chance for me, right now, too. I do feel a bit stuck and think I would benefit from more planning, set-up and deliberate care in taking the shots but… ah, well. I am happy I am keeping it up. I do feel slightly re-invigorated at the mo. I think pouring my heart out and ‘occupy meditation’s kick up the butt response helped. Your support is sugar frosting, on top. Thanks. I LOVE your work, as you well know. Hugs,

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