Banned from facebook… again!

Yep, it seems I have angered the gods of The FaceBook, once more (just watched ‘Social Network’, yesterday, can you tell?). Last time I did not blog it, it seemed so innocent more of a misunderstanding, really… but the instances are very similar. In neither case was I being deliberately defiant. In both cases, I simply pressed ‘share’ on what I thought was a beautiful, artistic, touching (nude) photo of a woman breastfeeding. In both cases somebody reported this image to facebook and got me banned. [Cheers for that, by the way.]

Okay, here is the photo that earned me the ban, this time:

[I’d love to credit the photographer but, well, I am banned from facebook and the photo was removed so can’t find it there and couldn’t get the google images widget to function. Sorry photographer, your art rocks and your skill impressed.]

Isn’t it gorgeous? I am so sad that somebody found this offensive enough to report… or pornographic?? This is life. This is art.
On the other hand, it does clearly violate facebook’s terms and conditions – it shows full on nudity, including the ‘dreaded’ nipple (that got me in trouble last time – with an incredible, moving photo of a tribal woman breastfeeding her child). So, ’tis a fair cop, really.

Still, I feel like somewhere between a rebel and a fraud. A rebel ‘cos I am out there pushing facebook’s boundaries (well the robot’s anyway)… and a fraud because, obviously, I did it by accident. After my first ban I actually did go through a little spate of posting on facebook a bunch of my own personal br*@stfeeding photos, some of which I thought might push some buttons and… nothing. Then months later, when I have completely forgotten about the whole thing, bam! – another ban. Ah, well. Funny thing is it is only a 24 hours freeze-out (even though the second one usually earns you 3 days – maybe there is a time limit on that?) and, this time round, I can still see my account and all the activity on it (my friends’ posts, etc) but I can’t post, like or comment… Facebook is right it is much more tormenting like this. I can see but I can’t touch.

Meanwhile, my friend Eileen at Live with Purpose also got banned after sharing the same image (I think after she got it from me… uh, sorry Eileen :p )

I do hope facebook expands its computer-mind and realise the beauty of the naturally breastfeeding woman.

— — —

Have you ever got banned by facebook for posting an artistic nude pregnancy photo or a simple breastfeeding photo? Share your story here.

And what do you think of facebook’s standards – are they protecting the innocent? or are they going too far and contributing to people’s perception of nudity as shameful or breastfeeding as ‘disgusting’?


6 thoughts on “Banned from facebook… again!

    • Hahahah! Yeah, people have been giving me all these examples of groups on facebook that are really much worse (pornographic), not to mention the fact that deliberately provocative scantily glad ladies are considered a positive and to be encouraged, whereas breastfeeding ones not so much. But, as I have said elsewhere – it is a case of ‘their house, their rules’ and they certainly have the means to lock me out. If it were a straight breastfeeding photo, I might fight a little more for it. I am all in favour of tasteful, artistic nudes, too – I think they promote body acceptance and a positive body image. But the ‘normalising’ of breastfeeding I am even more passionate about – and would/have pushed the boundaries on with more zeal. You’ve got to pick your battles, I suppose, and of the two, at this point, I chose breastfeeding first.

      Thankfully, from re-gaining close acquaintance with facebook’s community standards, I see they have changed the wording, following the campaign for to get facebook to accept the value, the importance of sharing breastfeeding photos, and thought it is extremely nebulous, it does seem they are at least trying to concede the point that breastfeeding is not porn :p

      See here:

    • OK. Let’s try again. I am not “secular.” I am a person who lives in this world and has hbeoibs and a job and whatever. Other people in this world also have lives, and sometimes jobs or hbeoibs or families or whatever. They also (unlike me) believe in invisible sky fairies. They are called “weirdoes.” I am not-a-weirdo.The fact that those people think their irrational beliefs deserve a name other than “wishful thinking” and call themselves “religious,” or “Jewish” or “Christian;” and because I do not agree with their wishful thinking I am therefore a “heretic” (or “secular”) is really of little interest or relevance to me.The kids in your post had (apparently) few hbeoibs other than internet or playstation or whatever. OK. What does that have to do with believing or not believing in sky-fairies?I mean, sure, religious societies are usually much more regimented than non-religious societies but that’s because religion is, at its core, about controlling people, and leaving them time to think, and be, and find out what they REALLY want to do is dangerous. And sure, most people, when not regimented, will do little with their lives other than watch tv/hang out with friends/surf the ‘net and what’s wrong with that?To give you a different spin on it in North Korea (a country with a high population of irreligious people), people’s lives are filled to the brim: they work, go to rallies, study about The Great Leader ,and have compulsory “hobbies” such as gardening, paving streets, etc. on Sunday. Are you trying to say that that’s better than the above-mentioned TV/internet/Playstation trifecta?Now of course, I’m not saying that religous kids’ lives her are like living in North Korea I’m just saying that a controlling society controls its population y filling up their lives with activities, mostly oriented around the ideological basis of that control. It’s much harder to fill up a life when you have to do it yourself. Some people take up the challenge some people don’t. I’m perfectly fine with that.

  1. Hate Facebook. I was banned for posting a piece of art. But other people’s pages are getting away with posting women who are so scantly dressed you can still see their genitals. But they never get banned for that crap. I’m sorry you’ve had to face this BS.

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