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And bam, I was pregnant, after about 20 years of wishing it, the circumstances finally materialised to make it come true… and then my life began, even as my old life crashed and burned and disappeared forever, somehow.

Before giving birth I was into photography, Advaita spirituality and natural health through nutrition and holistic medicine. After Anya’s birth, as a mama, I am into my baby plus photography, Advaita and natural health! Everything changes yet nothing changes.

Being fiercely independent, I find myself blazing my own path often in spite of myself… yet I am also a social animal and love feeling that I am held by and contributing to my community. I think deeply about issues, strive to do the moral, healthy, green thing… and then catch myself and try to follow my Heart, instead (or as well), trusting it can guide me better than ‘I’ ever could.

Come chart my progress from bumbling first steps, finding my feet, hitting my head against a brick wall, finding my stride again and… then starting all over again, always a ‘beginner’. With my own parents and friends far away, the other side of an ocean, and with little hands-on support, my husband (and life partner) and I learn through iterations of trial and error, reading the ‘experts’ and widening our social circle to include some pretty inspirational parent friends.

Meanwhile, I offer you a window seat as I cast a foreigner’s eye on the parenting practices of Californians… and adopt more than a few of them myself – including some way out ones.

Motherhood is a journey, a fun if challenging ride – won’t you join me on mine?

– – –

Beloved themes, include:

  1. Natural and Attachment Parenting
  2. Healthy Eating and Alternative Remedies for Mommy and Baby
  3. Self-Directed Learning, RIE and ‘Unschooling’
  4. Elimination Communication and Gentle Potty Training
  5. Baby Sign Language
  6. Natural-Course Breastfeeding
  7. Connection Parenting, Playful Parenting and Gentle ‘Discipline’
  8. Mothering as Spiritual Practice
Please join in and share your views here on the blog or at the Loving Earth Mama facebook community page. I look forward to getting to know and learning more from you all!


22 thoughts on “Blogger Bio

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  2. Hi there, I was wondering where you bought Anya’s amber necklace? I am looking for one but do not find anything pretty …. Hope you dont mind sharing! Thank you, Hippy Mama

    • Thank you so much. Been meaning to post a longer version of the nutrition post for ages, now. Perhaps you have just prompted me to action. Thanks to my ‘friend’ for recommending me. I am super chuffed. Hoorah!

  3. Hi there… really love your blog but more than that is your outlook or view on parenting. Just want to pick your brain for a bit and maybe we can chat over email. I’m asking other mothers how they have managed their sleep. My address is

    Would love to hear from you

      • I read your blog all the time. I check it on a regular basis. Then I think of my blog and how your life seems so much more exicting than mine. Keep writing! I will comment more. Usually I just laugh or cry right along with you!Love, Bonnie

  4. Dear Loving Earth Mama,

    I’m casting a new television show that is being developed for a major cable network and focuses on pregnant women who are in their third trimester just as they are about to give birth. The show will chronicle the days leading up to the birth, the birth itself and the days following. We’re searching for interesting bloggers and experts in the birthing & parenting space to provide a narrative in the show throughout each stand-alone episode and advise the prospective mothers as they prepare to give birth.

    Would you please email me at with your contact information? Please forward this to anyone you think might be interested.

    Thank you very much.

    Johnnie Raines
    V. 818.728.7681 EXT. 1281
    “Finding needles in haystacks and diamonds in the rough since 1998.”

  5. I have published a children ebook about what is inside each of us, in our heart: The light of love, joy and harmony. I call this light «little soul».

    I wonder if it is possible for you to comment my book on your site to help promoting the love and joy on Earth.
    You can have a look of my book on my site

    If you are interested, let me know and I will be pleased to send you
    a complimentary copy of my ebook.

    Thank you very much.

    Looking forward to hearing from you
    Best regards

    Francine Grimard

  6. Hi Lovely,
    I’ve removed myself from fb but I’ve subcribed to your blog via my email so I can continue enjoying. :-)
    Katinka x

  7. Hi there! I love your blog! I thought maybe you will be interested in what I’m doing. I’m turning kid’s drawings into plush toys :) You can check it on my website It’s close to your ideas of life, something alternative, close to nature. I decided to make those toys as an alternative form of gift to children instead of cheap, plastic toys without characters. I love to see how kiddos are crazy happy seeing their piece of art turned into a real 3D toy :) They believe they are truly artists and they feel how their work is much appreciated. Their creativity is just amazing and all the time in my work I’m digging into so many different worlds, how cool is that? :)

    • LOVE your work. Have shared it on my fb page, before. Think it is GENIUS. Got to run but wanted to honour your comment and your beautiful craftmanship and creativity.


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