Mamatography/week 9: growing friendships

The Mamatography Adventure continues. Sorry this is so late. All got put on hold while I travelled to Europe with my little one to surprise my mom for her birthday. Sadly no photos of her ‘OMG face’ when she opened the door to us!… and in fact the photos here are of the week BEFORE we went. I have kept up taking a photo every day – it was just the uploading that got left behind!

So, here they all are:

Day 54

drinking one of her favourite drinks: coconut water :)

day 55

friends enjoying a picnic in the park :)



[If only I could get them to pose somewhere with a prettier/simpler background, this would have been an awesome shot!]

Later that day: 

asleep in the car while still reading a book!

day 56

[not the best photo I have ever taken, artistically or technically – along with many other so-so photos that pop up when I have to publish something every day, even when I really haven’t produced anything ‘good’ – but still a cute moment of a girl I love!]

day 57

horrible picture of me (well… just woken up) but cute moment, captured by my hubby (so, slight cheat, here). Moments later: I read by myself!

(also taken by NinjaDad, on his phone)

day 58

I have (finally) inherited my hubby’s old iPhone 3… so here I am experimenting with (oh, yes, the ubiquitous) instagram ap. I like it. It is fun and easy. My only pet complaint is how long it took me to learn how to do these kinds of effects on Photoshop (well, not the blur, that is just shoddy work), then this ap comes along and does it with one push of a button!! Coh!… On the other hand, hey, I can do it with one push of a button! :D

More experiments, little more artsy, now:

love this, must say!

who got mail?

day 59

yet more budding friendship:

Pipoca is really all about the social scene, right now. The thing she is most into, it seems to me is hanging out with her friends – and it seems to work best with other girls. The boys, so far, are more likely to run away or push her away if she attempts to start any play like passing a ball, taking turns with a toy or whatever. Girls (the two pictured in this week’s stream, anyway) were super receptive and even likely to initiate exchanges themselves. It appears to me, from this tiny sample (and next to no reading) that girls are much more into the social and imaginative play at this stage (around age 2). I am sure there are exceptions (girls who don’t want to play with others that much, yet, and boys who do) but this is really just reporting our experience of the last few weeks. Do you find this is the same among your toddler and their friends?

And just ‘cos going higher and higher is FUN!…

this is a variation on an earlier shot I took of her (a few weeks back). Neither has come out perfect, so watch this space, I might still attempt version 3, 4 and 5…  :D


Mamatography/week 8: crafts and climbing

Here is week 8 of the Mamatography a photo-a-day for a year project that you have being seeing so much of… so now: I am sorry. Sorry there haven’t been any ‘real’ posts lately. I have several queued up, in draft form that only need final touches to go live, so do watch this space and I’m gonna try and make something with more thought-provoking words than cute photos in it. For now, here is our week in photos:

day 47

day 48

threading beads – who knew that could be so fun?! (thanks Suzy!)

day 49

this was such a daddy-and-daughter weekend. They had soooo much fun doing crafts, playing shop, building lego swimming pools for the critters and going to the park. Woohoo!

all that closeness and connection through play, did lead to the emotional safety that allowed for some powerful emotional releases, too – and that in turn led to an ongoing stint of almost full night sleeps (6 hours). Yumm!

day 51

Pipoca announced she was afraid of bees (can you see it there in the foreground, on the bush – in the photo above?). NinjaDad said you could try saying ‘hi’ to them. She was not into that at all. So we didn’t push it. We walked away. A few minutes later she said: ‘I want to say hi to the bees’ – so off we went, back to the bush with the bees to say hi. And so she did.

this was a fabulous family day. We explored a new town, found a lovely restaurant, went for a lovely drive (while A. slept) and then ran by a park for A. to run around before sun down:

day 52

a peacock showing off for my daughter :p

… and then: mud puddle stompin’!

Mamatography/week 7: piano virtuosi

The Mamatography Challenge continues…

day 40

metal. This is me (trying to) go all arty on your a*ses. Not my forte, these kind of ‘details’ of every day life type photos. I enjoy portrait photography (can you tell?) but wanted to branch out and try something different…

day 41

Anya and her friend Julian doing a duet :)

 So, Pipoca [her knickname – it means popcorn in Portuguese] was let loose on a friend’s piano. She was doing a special rendition of Baa-Baa-Black-Sheep. Basically she hit random keys and then sang the tune over it. Apparently her dad and her do that together (guitar + xylophone). Hahaha! (I loved the recital, of course!!)

day 42

slide back in time… to the 1970’s??

I love the look on her face, here, so wistful… This was actually taken at a birthday party but me and my (silly?) close up lens managed to make it look like we are at the park alone… (to be fair, that is partly ‘cos I don’t have permission to share photos of a bunch of kids, some of whom I have just met… lol)

day 43

this is the second time I went to the cinema since I become a mom, two years ago. Went to see ‘The Descendants’ with George Clooney. I liked it, a lot. It helps you feel into the characters’ (messed up) lives. It is intense and depressing in parts but strewn with some lovely light moments and full of a depth of emotion that makes you feel part of the family. I came out feeling it was a good choice…

day 44

oh, the earnestness – Pipoca ripping some nori, one of her favourite snacks :)

day 45

day 46

Green eggs and ham… get it? :D

366/week 3: footprints, reflections and hikes

Week 3 of the Mamatography 366 (photo-a-day for a year) project. I am doing this to push myself, to build my photography skills, keep a record of the year and have fun. Won’t you join us? Sign up here if you are up for the challenge.

Day 11


Day 12

How much of my life is spent like this, waiting for the little one to wake up from her nap?! Hey… at least she had a nap!  :)  And then – surprise! – we were at the beach:

Day 13

Yeah, well, I am a mom – expect lots of playground, park and supermarket shots!! lol

Day 14

daddy does kung fu… and so do I!

playing peekaboo from the car

Day 15

We ‘conquered’ Mount Tamalpais (the highest peak in the area)… and by ‘conquered’ we mean we drove 99% of the way up and then packed little one in the rucksack to walk up the last (freezing cold) 1o mins – hahah! The views were stunning – even if the whole thing was a little Disney-mountain…

Day 16

Oh, yeah… expect lots of bike photos, too!…

Day 17

Day 18

baby was sick… so instead of doing a photo of thermometers (or puke) I bring you this lovely little shell, instead :)
[I am going to try and do one Still Life a week… and perhaps one selfie per week, as well. We’ll see.]