A year of bloggedy-bloggin’

It is one year since my first blog post. Actually technically the anniversary was last Thursday but I was sick and too tired to post. Anya got sick, K. got sick and then, after two weeks of caring for and supporting them both… I succumbed, surrendered and slithered down into illness myself. Nothing too serious just a mild flu (bad cold?) but anyway that sidetracked me from blogging really quite well.

I was clear when I started the blog that I wanted the first ‘story’ to be Anya’s birth. It took me weeks to write it and then I really wanted K to read it first to see he agreed with the facts in it. So, first real post was Anya’s birth story on March 7th. A year of blogging… I was never sure if I would continue past a year. I am still not sure but I can feel the direction of the blog turning, changing from under me so if it continues to snake its way into existence I think it will be without its old skin. Thank you for being with me this far. Let’s find out what happens next. Hazah!


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